3 Easy Ways to Enter Windows 10 Safe Mode

For techno friends who have problems with their computer, sometimes they have to do troubleshooting that you can access through the Safe Mode feature. There are several ways you can get into safe mode in Windows 10. Below we will explain 3 simple ways.

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Oh yes, before you get into safe mode in Windows 10. It is good to know the meaning of Safe Mode first. Safe mode It is a feature provided by Windows that you can use to troubleshoot a laptop or computer if there is a problem.

The problems we mean here range from programs that do not run properly to viruses that attack your computer.

By running the Safe Mode feature, Windows will only run drivers and some important programs. This way, the problematic program or program does not run. So you can easily repair it without the slightest inconvenience.

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3 ways to enter Windows 10 safe mode

You can use the following three methods on different types and brands of laptops such as Asus, Lenovo, HP, Dell, Acer and various other brands. Please try the brand of laptop you are using. So, read our review to the end!

1. Advanced setup

The first way you can get into Safe Mode is to use the advanced settings in Windows 10. The steps are here!

  • Click the button Start menu Then select Settings.
  • Then select Updates and security. Then select Improvement.
  • Next in advanced settings-You can choose Restart now.
  • You will then be logged in Recovery mode. 3 options will appear later, which are: Continue، diagnosisAnd Turn off your PC. You can choose diagnosis Yeah.
  • Then select Advanced options. Then select Setup settings.
  • There is a Windows notification telling you to restart your computer and change some settings. Then you choose restart.
  • After you click restartYou will be logged in Setup settings And please enter the Safe Mode menu as you wish.
  • opening Safe mode Normally, just press F4.

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2. Shift + Restart

This second method is actually similar to the first method described above and only differs in the first step. Here are the steps.

  • Click start Click on the laptop, then the power.
  • Then press and hold the button Shift + Click restart.
  • Then you enter the menu Recovery mode. So far the method is exactly the same as the first method above.
  • Select Troubleshooting> Advanced Options> Setup Settings> Then select restart.
  • Then proceed to select the Safe Mode type you are using. You can press the button directly to facilitate safe mode selection F4.

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3. System configuration

The third way to enter Windows 10 Safe Mode is to configure the system or msconfig. Here are the steps.

  • open Start menuType System configuration. You can also press the button Windows + R Simultaneous. Then just type msconfig And click Good.
  • The System Configuration window then appears. In the menu Boot optionsPlease check Safe boot And please select some options according to your needs.
How to enter Windows 10 safe mode
  • After selecting the Safe Boot to use, then click Good Or Enter.
  • A confirmation window will then appear to do so restart Current or newer computer
  • To return to the boot as before, uncheck it Safe boot.

This information is about how to enter the safe mode of Windows 10 version of Teknobaik. Please select one of the above three methods which you think is the easiest method. Okay, I hope this article is helpful to all of you and thank you.

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