About Us

Hi friends, https://sientapopupplayground.com/, sientapopupplayground was born out of my desire to share my experiences with all my techno colleagues. In general, I will deal with the world of IT, especially sharing about the software business. Technovidia, a combination of the words techno and vidia (Sanskrit: vidya) meaning knowledge, knowledge or learning. So sientapopupplayground means knowledge technology (IT).

What is Sientapopupplayground talking about? I (and the team) currently fill this blog with several categories, including: Business, Software, Data, and Company Profile. In the business category, I will discuss issues in general, such as the IT business in particular. In the software category, I will research business software, especially one created by children in the country. I will also discuss IT practices related to data: data management, data architecture, data technology, etc. And finally, I will increase the company profile of techno colleagues.