Alienware Laptop Features

Alienware laptops are included as Dell products that are most popular with game lovers. This is because this laptop has very qualified and sufficient conditions when used for gaming.

For each product of this Dell laptop, it has been adjusted to the needs of users so that its specifications are also different.

Alienware Laptop Features

Alienware laptops

Many people think that this Alienware laptop with its features always provides convenience for users, especially gamers, which is as follows:

1. CPU section

The Alienware is powered by fourth-generation Haswell and fifth-generation Broadwell Intel processors.

In the case of this gaming laptop, you also need a reliable processor to be able to trust the performance produced on the laptop. Therefore, the processor of this Alienware laptop really supports gaming activities.

2. Graphic quality provided

Gaming laptops like Alienware are the target of many game lovers because of the attractive graphics quality.

High quality with attractive graphic display that is able to provide comfort while playing the game. Not only that, Alienware is equipped with a high quality graphics card.

3. Has a full connection

It is said to be complete because this Alienware is equipped with a Thunderbolt 3 + connector on USB, which is capable of transferring data at a speed of 40 Mbps.

Even Alienware is equipped with the latest NIC wireless technology. Through these connectivity features, users can easily transfer data.

Reasons Why Alienware Laptops Are More Expensive

Price of Alienware laptop

Given the market price, Alienware laptops have prices that are usually more expensive, as there are several things like the following:

1. It has extremely strong material

Alienware materials are actually very strong so they can last a long time compared to other competitors.

This is shown by the several materials used in the past that are still consistent in their extraordinary durability. This laptop can be used for a long time.

2. Extremely sophisticated specifications

Alienware, in addition to being known as a laptop with powerful specifications, is also known as a laptop with extremely complex specifications.

Compared to other brand laptops, Alienware is a laptop that does not need to be damaged, especially in the case of engines and motors. This makes the user feel satisfied.

3. Offers more variety of types

It seems that Alienware also offers a wide range of types that users can choose from. While this manufacturer of Dell laptops, Alienware has produced more so that users can customize it to their needs.

With this, you can choose more freely when you want to buy a laptop and you can choose. Cheapest alienware laptop price

Advantages and disadvantages of Alienware


  • Thanks to the LED lights on the frame and keyboard, it has a very attractive and stunning design. There are very interesting curves on the body and it is made of metal, which makes this Alienware laptop unique and you think that this device is not from the world but from the outside of the earth.
  • It has very strong quality materials so that Alienware laptops are impact or impact resistant.
  • It has reliable performance.
  • Consumers can shop with special orders, whether in terms of design, adding name engraving, choosing colors or even choosing LED lights.
  • It has very high quality graphics with a superb connection.
  • Equipped with quality processor
  • It has a battery that can last up to 4 hours in ideal conditions because it uses Nvidia Optimus.
  • Alienware laptops come with a sleek, ultra-sleek design that reflects hardcore gamers. Even with the backlight on the keyboard added a color that can be customized with Alien Fusion X.


  • Its price is much more expensive than its competitors. So not everyone is interested in buying because it should be more according to their budget.
  • It has a large medium size so that its mobility is often disrupted.
  • Part of the screen reflects light due to light reflection, which is clearly visible on the screen so that users can see like a mirror. This can reduce the convenience of any user.
  • Its body is made of metal so it weighs more.
  • It requires large enough power to run all its hardware.
  • It is still hard to find in Indonesia.

Alienware products are really popular, especially for those of you who love the gaming world.

Based on the above information, it can be considered before deciding to buy an Alienware laptop.

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