Full! Familiarity with different types of computer operating systems

operating system It is computer software that is responsible for controlling hardware and software, including running programs and applications on the computer.

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Basically, this operating system works to manage all the resources available in a computer device. That way, of course operating system (OS) has a very important task and must be installed properly on computer equipment, because if not installed properly, the computer can not work optimally or can not even be used.

Types of operating systems

There are several types of operating systems on the market today. See the review below for more details.

1. Unix operating system

operating system Unix is ​​one of the first operating systems built in the world. Initially, Unix was a type of operating system Command line interface, But because it makes things difficult for new users. For that, Unix is ​​now offering a version of it Graphic user interface To make it easier for users.

Unix is ​​also known as operating system A standard that can be run on a variety of existing computers. Another advantage of Unix is ​​that it can be used well as a network, both server and client.

2. MS-DOS (disk operating system)

The operating system was developed by Bill Gates and Paul Allen in 1981. MD-DOS is very difficult to run because you need to be able to master it. Command line In order to implement it

Although less well known, you can still experience this operating system in Microsoft Windows. Yes, Windows is an MS-DOS developer.

3. Microsoft Windows

The Windows operating system evolved from MD-DOS. An operating system based Text mode And Command line Developed by Microsoft. It was transformed into Windows when it was first introduced in 1983 operating system The most used in the world to date. This can not be separated from the various features that Windows provides to its users. Very popular with computer users.

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4. Mac OS (Mac OS)

Mac OS is a graphical user interface operating system developed by Apple. operating system This is completely exclusive, as it can only be used on Apple computers. Mac OS is an extension of operating system Unix is ​​known for its Mac OS because of its reliability and stability.

5. Linux

Linux development from operating system Unix The interesting thing about Linux is that it is open source This means that anyone can use and develop Linux without spending a dime Free. Therefore, Linux is very popular among computer users all over the world.

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So information about understanding and types of operating systems available in the computer. In fact, there are still many operating system Which exists in the world, but we have selected only a few that are quite familiar to the ears of these teknobaik.com readers. I hope this information can be useful for all of you and thank you.

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