History, dangers, types and how to prevent it!

A trojan virus is a type of computer virus that is known to the general public because it exists to infect many computers. Similar to viruses in general, this Trojan horse can damage a computer being attacked.

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The physical form of the virus is similar to the software we know. It seems harmless, but when activated it can damage a computer system or network.

Checking a calibration from several valid sources, naming this trojan is unique. How about Because the name Trojan Horse refers to a historical event about the collapse of the Trojan Castle, which is known to be an impenetrable enemy.

One day, the Spartan warriors used the infiltration strategy with a large horse statue, and when they wanted to enter the city at night, they came out and moved. Shortly afterwards, the kingdom of Troy fell to the enemy.

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Such a concept was adapted with the Trojan horse virus, which can infiltrate computer’s defense systems. Yes, even if it does not attack directly, the virus intentionally stays on the computer patiently. And when the computer’s defense system is out of control, the virus attacks immediately.

Danger of Trojan Horse Virus

As I mentioned above, this virus is not like any other computer virus. Where other viruses appear immediately when strange files or other things appear. While the Trojan horse virus is like an invisible ghost that moves silently.

Trojan horses are usually created remotely by programs such as .EXE or .COM. The movement of this trojan can be controlled remotely for specific purposes.

There are various purposes, friends, of stealing important data such as passwords, information, credit card data or other items.

This Trojan virus usually damages your computer by accidentally deleting files. Before entering the computer, a cracker or attacker first infiltrates the system (usually via the Internet) and then imports a file with an unknown source.

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Types of Trojan Horse Virus

So far, a large number of Trojan viruses have been identified. Before I explain how to prevent it, it’s best to know the types first. Here is the complete review!

1. Malware sending data

This type of trojan is created to recover important information such as passwords, account data, files, credit card numbers, etc. Data retrieval is usually done by searching the entire computer.

The system is actually simple, that is, by capturing the buttons you press when entering important data such as a password. After capturing the button, data is sent to hackers or trojan creators.

2. RAT (Remote Access Trojan)

This type of virus allows the attacker to take full control of the compromised computer. This RAT is usually hidden in small programs or games so that you do not have the slightest doubt. This type of trojan virus is really scary.

3. Proxy Trojan

This type of virus is specifically designed to infiltrate a computer and then turn it into a proxy server. After this, security will become easier and provide opportunities to continue operating the compromised computer.

The worst effect is when another network is attacked but uses a friend system that is compromised.

4. Malicious malware

This type of trojan virus has the ability to damage and destroy compromised computer files. In addition, if the antivirus is not able to detect the presence of this virus. Of course, it is very annoying.

5. Dos Dojan (Denial of Service Trojan)

The virus focuses more on damaging computer networks with flood traffic, which can cause your computer to crash. Usually by abusing the IP protocol restrictions on the computer.

6. Disable the Trojan security software

This type of trojan can not be sent alone but with other viruses because it is only a backup. It is usually responsible for destroying computer security such as antivirus, firewall and other items without the user’s knowledge.

How to prevent horse Trojan virus

As I promised above, after my tech friends know about the different types of trojan viruses that exist in the world. Next, I want to share about how to prevent the virus.

The presence of this virus is often considered insignificant for some people, even if its effects and damage are terrible. For this reason, specific measures are needed to overcome or at least minimize the impact.

The most important thing in preventing the Trojan virus from entering the computer version of teknobaik.com is to install an antivirus. Try to keep the antivirus that you have always updated so that the features provided are powerful.

Do not forget to enable the internal firewall from the operating system or even an external firewall to increase the security of your computer.

Due to the spread of this virus through the Internet, it is better for techno friends to reduce the habit of downloading illegal software from the websites of illegal software providers that are widely available on the Internet.

This is because hackers often infiltrate Trojan horses in piracy programs. If you already have or need to download anti-theft software from these websites, just scan it with the antivirus you have.

And never disable the antivirus, as there may be times when the Trojan virus scan has not been detected. But in fact the virus is hidden and when the security of your computer is weakened. The virus attacks immediately. This is terrible!

So what information can I convey about the Trojan horse virus? If this article is useful, do not hesitate to share it with your friends or relatives so that they too are aware of the violence of this virus. That’s all and thank you!

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