How to burn a CD in Windows 7, 8 and 10 without software

Putting files in the form of documents, photos, videos or what is commonly called a burn is easy, even without the help of additional software. So how do I burn a CD?

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Most of us have a laid back attitude when it comes to writing CDs. There is nothing wrong with using this software, but it turns out that there is an easier way to burn a CD, which is to use the features of the Windows operating system. Everything is possible!

How to burn a CD without software

Before burning a CD or DVD, of course, you must first prepare a blank CD, then insert it into the CD drive of the device you are using.

If so, here are the steps to burn a CD in Windows 7, 8 and 10. Check the review to the end!

1. Burn a CD in Windows 7

Although it was released several years ago, in fact Windows 7 is still widely used by many people in Indonesia. So, how to burn a CD in Windows 7?

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How to burn a CD in Windows 7

  1. After you log in CD / DVD Inside CD / DVD drive. Open please Windows ExplorerThen Transfer files Where we will burn CD / DVD That
  2. Then right click on it CD / DVD drive Then select Burn to disk.How to burn a CD
  3. Will then appear Get ready for diskPlease change the file name in the field Disk title. Then click Next For the next processHow to burn a CD in Windows 7
  4. You just have to wait for the process to finish. The length of the burn process really depends on the size of the file as well as the specifications of the device you are using.

For more details on how to burn a CD in Windows 7. We already have a video tutorial below.

2. How to burn a CD in Windows 8 and Windows 10

Although it has different versions, but the ability to burn CDs in these two operating systems can be called exactly the same. Therefore, there is no harm in bringing us together in one guide.

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How to burn a CD in Windows 8 and Windows 10

  1. After you log in CD / DVD Inside CD / DVD drive. Please find the file you want to put it in CD / DVD That
  2. Please right click and select Send to> DVD-RW Drive (F 🙂.How to burn a Windows 10 CD
  3. A window will appear later Burn a disk. Please replace the disc title with the name in the section Disk title. Then select With CD / DVD player. Next click Next.How to burn a CD in Windows 10
  4. Next step go to CD / DVD drive Which is located on this personal computer. Then click Finish burning that in Manage.Burn CDR
  5. Then a new window will appear like the one below. If you want to share, you can change the title again Disk title. Then click Next.Burn CD
  6. The last step is to wait for the CD / DVD burning process to finish. As before, processing time is affected by the file size and specifications of the device you are using.

For more details, you can follow the video guide below.


Although less popular than Flashdisk, storing or backing up data to a CD / DVD with its many benefits is still very popular.

In addition to the relatively cheap price, also because of the data stored on CD-R / DVD-RW Properly stored, it can be said to last for decades.

Oh yes, in addition to a simple method like the above. You can also burn CDs with the help of additional software such as Nero, PowerISO, CDBurnerXP, Ashampoo Burn, etc. You can read more information here: CD burning program.

However, it is not necessary if you can burn the CD as described in the guide above. So good luck.

So the information we can transfer and we hope this article can be useful for all of you. Thank you and good luck!

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