Is Asus Owned By Microsoft

Is Asus Owned By Microsoft – – The global technology market in Asia is now feeling the huge impact of the corona virus outbreak due to the introduction of Lockdown and Social Distancing. ASUS Indonesia also feels this, which will affect a number of its products in 2020.

Muhammad Firman, as the PR head of ASUS Indonesia, disclosed this situation to the team. He admitted that the spread of the corona virus or COVID-19 has disrupted the market and even affected the latest ASUS products.

Is Asus Owned By Microsoft

Is Asus Owned By Microsoft

“This Corona outbreak has really slowed down the market and also delayed or delayed some of our newest product plans indefinitely,” he said in an email received by the team this morning (03/27/2020).

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Regarding the decline in sales of ASUS products, Firman explained that ASUS does not know because there is no accurate data or recent updates from research institutes such as IDC or GfK. “We have not received any statistical information yet. Maybe we will see the trend in the next 1-2 months.”

However, ASUS has its own strategy to deal with today’s sluggish market and unfavorable conditions. He said that ASUS will improve the efficiency of business processes and focus on marketing products entering the Indonesian market.

So, some of the newest models coming will have to be delayed, except for some models that are proposed to replace the earlier models sold in the market.

“A model of our VivoBook. We were supposed to have a nationwide event in March, but we have to postpone it to April 16, 2020, and it will be a live online launch event,” he said.

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In terms of after-sales service, ASUS also offers ASUS Perfect Warranty for consumer and gaming laptops. Although some ASUS Indonesia service centers are forced to close, some ASUS partner service points remain open. Hours of operation also vary based on local government recommendations.Vlad Savov @vladsavov Oct 2 2015 4:14 am EDT Via ZDNet | Source Microsoft 51 comments / new

While Google’s dominance in Android has attracted the attention of antitrust regulators, Microsoft is doing well to bring its services to its rival’s platform. In a joint statement with Asus on Thursday, Microsoft announced that it has extended a patent license agreement with the Taiwanese company, which will come with Office productivity services preloaded on Asus’ Android smartphones and tablets.

The cross-licensing agreement covers the use of Microsoft’s intellectual property on Android devices, although Microsoft also benefits from Asus’ patent portfolio in its software, device and service offerings. Samsung, the world’s largest Android maker, was one of the first companies to start bundling Microsoft apps on Android, starting with the Galaxy S6 smartphone and a range of Galaxy tablets earlier this year. Then Sony and LG followed suit, and Dell joined in by pre-loading Office apps on their Android devices.

Is Asus Owned By Microsoft

Microsoft seems to have found a suitable solution to expand the distribution of its software on Android by making it part of the patent licensing negotiations. By paying less than royalties, the maker of Office ensures that the software and services that actually make money from it are distributed as widely as possible. With Asus now on board, more than 30 Android manufacturers are already actively installing Microsoft’s Office suite on the Google platform. Microsoft, which settled its long-running patent battle with Google yesterday, is now on a path to future collaboration and cross-platform distribution that aligns with CEO Satya Nadella’s “cloud and mobile first” approach. Jakarta (November 23, 2017) – ASUS Indonesia has announced that starting today, all of its latest laptops will come pre-installed with Windows 10 operating system. Together with Microsoft, ASUS aims to deliver an innovative computing experience through the features available in the operating system and ASUS laptops.

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From premium laptops, ultrabooks and convertibles to gaming laptops, all variants of ASUS laptops come with different versions of the Windows 10 operating system. Don’t forget that entry-level laptops and affordable models also come with Windows 10.

“ASUS has long been a Microsoft partner in providing best practices in hardware and software. We are pleased to announce that the latest ASUS products entering the Indonesian market are now fully equipped with Windows 10,” said Rex Lee, General Manager of ASUS Business Systems Asia Pacific. “Together we will deliver an experience that exceeds expectations,” he said.

“Microsoft believes that the computer is a key tool that supports creativity and can inspire users to create innovative work,” said Vlasta Berka, general manager of device sales for Microsoft Asia Pacific. “With Windows 10 available on all ASUS laptops, users can take full advantage of the Windows 10 Fall Creators Update and stay protected against software threats.”

Windows 10 Fall Creators Update brings users an exciting new creative experience. Features like Windows Ink, which lets users jot down ideas instantly when they pop into their heads, are especially useful for creatives when their imaginations run wild.

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Not only this, other features are also updated to improve the user experience, including photo and video apps, improved gaming features, security and accessibility thanks to virtual reality technology called Windows Mix Reality. Users will of course be able to enjoy the core Microsoft features and apps that were previously available, including Windows Hello and Microsoft Edge. Updates to the Microsoft Edge browser also make it more convenient and faster to use.

Windows 10 is also the most secure operating system because it comes with the best antivirus developed by Microsoft i.e. Windows Defender by default. Not only this, but this OS also always offers regular updates to protect users from various attacks such as malware, viruses, spyware in email, apps, cloud or directly on the website.

As users continue to update their operating system, they continue to receive the latest features and security protection (security system) to keep you protected. Of course, with real Windows, you’ll get the best experience available in Windows 10. Updates are automatic and free. Microsoft technical support will be available 24/7 via phone, live chat or other support services.

Is Asus Owned By Microsoft

With the Windows 10 operating system available on all offered laptops, users can immediately take advantage of ASUS’ exclusive technology. Some of these are ASUS Splendid, ASUS SonicMaster and ASUS Battery Health Recharge.

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ASUS Splendid technology uses software settings as well as factory-set gamma curves and color temperature correction to deliver stunning screen images, accurate and consistent colors.

For ASUS SonicMaster, a number of experts from ASUS Golden Ear Group collaborated with audio technology companies to develop it. The notebook’s built-in audio hardware, as well as existing software tailored to the specifications of each ASUS notebook user, including ROG, have been edited and optimized to deliver excellent sound.

ASUS Battery Charger is a technology that allows users to set the maximum charge capacity of the user’s battery to 60% or 80% to extend battery life and reduce the chance of battery drain.

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