Leaked Video Girlfriend At Center Of Chandigarh Hostel

In the leaked prostitution video in Chandigarh, police denied filming the student, but Bhaskar reported that the girl had recorded more than one prostitution video of a high school girl and raped her with an acquaintance.

I admit that I have shared it. Dainik Bhaskar said the accused student confessed to recording more than one video for the hostel manager.

A group of girls reportedly citing the FIR, reportedly entered the hostel at around 3pm. approached the manager Saturday.

They told him that the girl had made obscene videos of six female students in the bathroom. The hostel manager, Rajwinder Kaur, continues to question the girl.

Then, the hostel manager found out about the incident and ordered the girls to gather at the place.

The accused students asked at the meeting if he had recorded and shared, but he denied.

The charges were filed because the suspect was still receiving phone calls and messages from someone during the incident.

Leaked Video Girlfriend At Center Of Chandigarh Hostel

The manager asked the defendant to answer the phone and put it on the speakerphone. Respondents were then asked to send a screenshot of their conversation to the caller.

When the caller sent a screenshot of the chat, it turned out that the video had been sent to the person and then confessed. The interviewee later claimed to have made these videos and then sent them to his friend Sunny in Shimla. After confirming this, the manager called the carabinieri.

Then, questions have been raised about Mohali SSP’s claim that only one video was recorded. Mohali SSP recently denied reports that more than one video of female students bathing at Chandigarh University had been leaked by female students.

Watch Video Viral in Chandigarh University


On September 18, a student at Chandigarh University is alleged to have recorded a nude video of a student taking a shower and sent it to a man in Shimla.

The media report indicated that university administrators tried to hide the matter and did not inform the police or take any action.

The students protested in anger at the university administrator and called the police. After the PCR car was overthrown by several students, the police used wire mesh to disperse the crowd. The investigation is ongoing, and exclusive content will be released as soon as the police investigation is complete.

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