Simple! 3 ways to enable Bluetooth on a laptop

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23 April 2022

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The most commonly used devices on laptops are Bluetooth. This feature can connect your device to other devices, including laptops, smartphones, computers and other devices.

The Bluetooth feature is actually much more effective, and the way to enable Bluetooth on a laptop is not very complicated.

Unfortunately, not all laptops will be equipped with Bluetooth features. But you do not need to be sad, because there is a way to install Bluetooth on a laptop that does not have Bluetooth.

That way, even if your laptop is not Bluetooth-enabled, you no longer have to worry about sharing with other devices.

How to enable Bluetooth on a Windows 7 laptop

How to enable Bluetooth on a Windows 7 laptop

To enable Bluetooth in Windows 7, you can do the following steps to make it easier for you, including:

  • Your first step should be to check the laptop to make sure there is a Bluetooth device on the laptop or you should use portable Bluetooth.
  • You can see if Bluetooth is enabled by the Bluetooth indicator light.
  • You can then open the section Control panel In the search menu
  • Then click on Control Panel and you will be taken to the Control Panel page.
  • If you have, you can click on the section Device management.
  • Then you can enter the device management page and please search the menu Bluetooth.
  • You can then download the Bluetooth application directly by searching the internet according to the name of the Bluetooth device. Because surely every laptop has a different device name.
  • If you did a Google search, you can click on the URL or website URL.
  • Before clicking on a website, first make sure that the laptop you are using is 32-bit or 64-bit. This is because the difference in bits has a sufficient effect.
  • You can then specify the name of the application that should match your Bluetooth device.
  • If you find the right program, you can click the down arrow button and then click the right button in your Windows bit.
  • You will then find the app download page and click the download button again.
  • Once downloaded, you can install it directly on your laptop.
  • If it is installed, you can check the Bluetooth pop-up menu.
  • If you have, you can click the button directly. “Add a device“Make sure you have Bluetooth enabled on your phone, then sync.
  • Next button DeviceClick on eat, the name of Bluetooth is displayed.
  • You can then click the button directly Next.
  • Then it appears Compare pair code, Ie to sync between your laptop and HP. In addition, each laptop has a different code.
  • If you click the next button, a sync pop-up pop-up from your laptop will appear for your mobile phone. You can directly accept or choose Accept.
  • A pop-up with Bluetooth connection status appears on the laptop and mobile phone in the toolbar.
  • Wait for the sync process to complete.
  • When the screen appears with success You can then click the button directly to close.

How to install Bluetooth on a laptop that does not have Bluetooth

In addition to how to enable Bluetooth on a Windows 8 laptop, you can also install Bluetooth on a laptop that does not have Bluetooth, this is done in several steps that you can follow according to your needs. do. Here is the explanation:

1. Install the motherboard

The motherboard is the easiest way to use Bluetooth devices on a laptop. Although success is guaranteed, but for the risk, of course you still take it.

Before doing so, you should be sure of the Bluetooth installation steps. If you install incorrectly, it may damage the laptop motherboard.

It should be noted that to do this method, you must first pay attention to the compatibility of laptop motherboards and Bluetooth devices.

If the two devices are not compatible, the Bluetooth device can certainly not be used properly.

2. Use of Bluetooth dongle

The next way you can do this is through a Bluetooth dongle. To find this device, you can buy it from a specialized computer store.

This device is intentionally used as a booth companion for Bluetooth devices with USB connection such as WiFi dongle.

The advantage of this Bluetooth dongle is that you can use Bluetooth anywhere with flexibility.

3. Using the support tool and driver installation

To install a Bluetooth device, you can install one driver or multiple support devices.

Installation can be done very easily, that is, by just double-clicking on the Exe file provided by the Bluetooth device.

How to enable Bluetooth on a Windows 10 laptop with Windows 7 Of course, the steps are different, to do this, you need to detect Windows on your laptop.

Some of the steps above can help you enable Bluetooth on your laptop.

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