Update Link Azam Swati Wife Video Leak & Maj Gen Faisal Naseer Exposed

Here is a viral video of Azam Swati spilled on the web. This video is now live on Twitter and WhatsApp. Azam Swati is old now, but it is relevant today and her exchange about her daughter and other important people in this leaked video.

Do you understand who it is? He is a member of parliament representing the country. Do you know why he screamed? bcz his bedroom video with his roommate, was taken from his daughters last night by a supposed dark number. Some people say it’s fake and others say that someone recently uploaded a photo through Photoshop and called it a video. Today is probably the saddest and scariest day we have found in the Pakistani dating system. A day that will be pure forever. What Azam Swati’s representatives and her family experienced was horrific. How can someone photograph a woman we should respect? We live in a society where you are questioned for speaking the truth and where you are rewarded and rewarded for lying. PTI talks about lies and deception. Imran Khan Niazi of PTI is spreading lies after lies and trying to defame the terrible reputation of our army and party. Azam Swati’s viral video is clearly a link to Imran Khan’s media. Our Prophet said: “A Muslim is better than the Kaaba”. A man in the 70s is stripped bare with sincerity and torture. A video of his soulmate is being made. He cries and clicks anyway we laugh together. Can we say that we are free? Really even individuals?


With days passing, clearly people in PTI have nothing to do with significant quality. Their doctrine is simply interest-based. What could a layman anytime expect from high-ups when a developed representative and his family is met with such humiliating torture? Yet again why Imran Khan has compelled Azam Swati to lie like this evenhanded to become State head? we’re unreliable in our own homes, in our country. May all individuals expected behind this rot in perdition by and large. May you request agreement in your life common.

I need to take a hard pass there’s anything left now, We as a nation has failed. To be particularly genuine Pakistan looks like a shocking encounter for Standard people and others due to people like Imran Niazi. These tears will obliterate the oppressors and the evenhanded close by ages. Swati is Ex-Minister for Railways, individual from Senate, Senior VP PTI, Ex-Minister for Narcotics, Ex-Cleric for Parliamentary Endeavors, Ex-Cleric for Science and Tech. He is moreover an absconder from USA.

I’m bewildered, I’m hopeless, I’m enraged I’m broken in light of stunt of Imran Khan.

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