Viral Of Odisha Girl Accusing Filmmaker Akshay Parija Of Casting Couch Goes Viral

Bhubaneswar: The girl who accused popular Odia actor Akshay Parija of homosexuality has sought police protection.

In a written complaint, filed on Friday, she accused an artist of threatening to expose nude photos if she married someone of her family’s choosing and insisted she remained intimate with him. against his gratitude. Laxmisagar police denied receiving any complaint.

When she was in a rented house in Bhubaneswar for 5 years, an actor visited her and sexually assaulted her because he would cast her in a film and help her start a business in the year. past. , it said. , adding to her recent marriage. He added that if the video was released, he would be forced to take his own life.

In a video message released on Friday, the girl, who claims to be from a small town, reiterated the allegations. See here:

In a complaint against the Nayapalli police station, the filmmaker said that the girl forgave him after inviting him to his house for dinner after recording an indecent video with her. The girl allegedly made the video public and demanded Rs 6 crore. “The girl is close to the gang. Teams of 3-4 people are involved in such extortion. You will know the true story,” says a quote from the television.

Announcing the good news that the police asked for this, the film says that it supports them to reveal the truth. “I also have photos of my meeting with the girl, and I will present them to the police during the investigation,” he added.

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